Slip And Fall Cases

Winter is quickly approaching and that means that slip and fall cases will be on the rise. Slip and fall liability can be difficult to establish, which is why you need an experienced and dependable lawyer on your side!

Slip And Fall Damages

slip and fall

When a slip and fall accident occurs, the resulting injuries and suffering can change a victim’s life forever. It can affect that person’s ability to work, be active, participate in hobbies, or even perform activities of daily living. Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of unintentional death in the U.S and lead to about 9 million emergency room visits every year. Of these emergency room visits, some of the injuries from slip and fall cases involve broken bones, soft tissue injuries such as sprains, tendon and ligament tears, and muscle damage, traumatic brain injuries, hip fractures, ankle or wrist sprains, cuts and bruises, spinal chord and back injuries, shoulder or neck injuries, knee damage, and more. Each case is different and the unique set of facts will often determine whether you can recover. It is important to understand how a slip and fall personal injury case works as well as the typical cases you may encounter.

Difficulties In Slip And Fall Cases

These cases are not impossible to win, but this largely depends on the nature of each claim. A successful outcome hinges on your ability to provide irrefutable proof that the defendant’s negligent actions led to your injuries. In most personal injury cases, such as motor vehicle accidents, you can prove liability with the assistance of footage from traffic or car cameras, police reports, mileage reports, trucking logs, and eyewitness reports. With slip and fall claims, there may be no such evidence. 

Depending on where the accident takes place, you may be left without a reasonable way to prove beyond the benefit of a doubt that there’s a claim to be had. This means that this type of case must rely on the victim’s first-hand account and testimony from witnesses where applicable. These days, some homes may have security cameras that will help hold the property owner liable for a sidewalk slip and fall, or a store and business can be demanded as evidence.  Additionally, you must ensure that the case fulfills all the elements of a personal injury claim such as defendant owed you a duty of care (to keep the property maintained) while you were present, you suffered injuries that resulted in financial losses, or that the defendant’s negligence directly caused your injuries or losses. If you are still wondering, “Are slip and fall cases can be hard to win?” know that a personal injury lawyer can help you fight for a successful outcome. This is where Heneghan Law comes in! Attorney James Heneghan has accomplished many successful verdicts and settlements over his 30 plus years of practicing law. His priority has been making sure his clients receive the best legal representation possible and that they feel personally supported.