What Our Clients Are Saying....

“I felt obligated to let everyone know how great of a job Jim did on my wife and my case. Not only was he an amazing lawyer but he made us feel like we were his only clients. He took time from his busy schedule to answer any of our questions or concerns, he consistently returned emails at any hour, even over the weekend. Jim has the uncanny ability to blend a good bedside manner with being a “straight shooter” After the first deposition, my wide and I knew we had a lawyer that was going to do everything possible to win. I’ve never seen anyone thorough as Jim!” 

“I won my case and all the stress was taken off of me. JCH gave 110%”

“JCH went above and beyond! Everytime I had a question, if they didn’t have the answer, they found out and called right back.”

“There were times when I didn’t understand what I needed to do, and Jim took time after work hours to explain everything to me. I was very impressed. Honestly, there is nothing I would change, But I will say he is the most intimidating looking man to me. When he has on his work look, its ‘oh boy’.”

“JCH was very good. I wanted to quit and put this behind me but JCH encouraged me to go on. I was a very difficult client and he was terrific! I was very satisfied with my final settlement of the case. JCH kept pushing and taking it further and further… he’s amazing!”

“I’m very satisfied with the final settlement of my case. It was more than I ever dreamed of getting”

“JCH was just wonderful…absolutely wonderful. My case went to trial and JCH fought for me like I was a member of his family. At the end of the day, I feel that my case could not have been better represented at all.”

“JCH did good…really satisfied! I was very satisfied with the final settlement of my case. I was not expecting that much”

“I apologize if it seems excessive, but I really have to tell you again just how much I appreciate everything you did for me. You just did everything for me. Mostly you made me feel like I was connected to a really good, wise and ethical person. My wellbeing today is due in great part to you. Not only did you get money I much needed, but you set me on the course of working on things myself. Something a few people know how to do. Thank you for doing good and being good. I believe it brings good into the world at large.”

“JCH kept me informed of everything; he kept me up to date. He was always willing to listen, and he helped me through the whole thing. He kept things positive. I honestly thought he was a great guy! Everything worked out just like he said.”

“JCH kept me in the loop, and when I called with questions, he answered immediately or called back. Everything was just perfect. Again you managed to have perfect timing on getting us the money we need. Once again you have helped us more than you know.”

“JCH was tough and professional. He worked very hard and was very detail oriented. It was because of his hard work that my case was brought to a positive ending.”

“I cannot thank JCH enough! Even the DA said ‘JCH is for you!’ All I cared about was getting what I deserved for my injuries. JCH tried every avenue and every corner to get me what he could. He was very clear with all his statements and quick with his responses. I could reach him at 11pm if I needed to and he would answer my questions on the spot…that is dedication right there!”

“I especially appreciated the warm, but professional,  manner in the way you helped me navigate through the claim process and understand the various documents related to my case. You were also easy to contact, kept me informed and provided a realistic timeline to follow which eliminated a lot of stress and wonder.”

“I give thanks to you and all your hard work and diligence  and to all who helped you bring about a positive end to such a negative event in my life. You did a fantastic and professional service for us and it was an experience I will always remember with a warm heart”

“Tim and I received the check. Thank you again for being so thorough and honest in your work. I hope you continue to flourish in your new practice. We will forever be grateful for your kindness, expertise and dedication to my case.”