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Automobile Accidents

The roads should be safe to travel. However, sometimes the improper operation of a motor vehicle can cause severe and fatal injuries. Drivers are required to have motor vehicle insurance to compensate persons harmed by such negligent driving.


Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are sleek and efficient machines, and the people who ride them are passionate about the pleasures of driving on the open road. Motorcyclists too often fall victim to negligent and irresponsible drivers.


Trucking Accidents

Big Trucks on the highway have an important job to carry household or industrial goods. However, the overwhelming size and weight could present a hazard to an ordinary automobile.


Slip & Fall

Falls can cause broken bones and serious injuries. As a victim of a defective condition on the premises, you may be legally entitled to be compensated by the property owner or possessor, and/or the third party who caused and/or failed to address the defective condition. Such injures are commonly covered by insurance carried by the owner/possessor or the entity who created and/or failed to address the defective condition.


Dog Bites

Any animal attack can be devasting. Most states hold not only are the dog’s owner or possessor liable for the dog bite, but, under certain circumstances, the law also holds landlords and/or property owners liable for a dog attack on their real property.


Dram Shop

Liquor licenses to sell alcohol are not a license to continue to sell visibly intoxicated people more and more alcohol, or to provide alcohol to minors for a price. This greed should not be condoned. Instead, it should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, especially when it leads to a tragedy to the consumer of the alcohol, or third parties injured by the intoxicated adult or minor.


Train Accidents

Individual, commercial, or metro transportation utilize railways. Incidents involving trains could have life-alerting injuries or death.


Serious Injuries & Wrongful Death Cases

The loss of a loved one in an accident is an unexpected tragedy. Allow us to investigate your case.


Road Defects

Some car accidents are not the fault of a driver, but are caused by an unsafe defect in the road. Defects such as allowing water to cross the road or pond on the road and freeze, poor sight distance for motor vehicle operators, improper signage and other defects exist in roadways every day. These are a basis for a claim against the governmental sector or private entity that created the defect and/or failed to properly maintain the roadway or defect.


Insurance Law

We all purchase insurance to protect us from catastrophes in our everyday life. Sometimes the very same insurance company you rely on to help shield you from the dangers, are part of the problem. Instead of doing what they are obligated, the insurance carriers don’t fulfill their legal obligations due to you, the insured, under the insurance policy. When this happens, you have a legal claim against the insurance carrier, including but not limited to punitive damages, for the suffering they caused you.


Products Liability

Users and buyers of good should be able to rely that the products (automobile, recreational vehicle, building equipment, child seat, toy etc.) are safe to use.  Often the products are not safe, and are the cause of horrific injuries, and even death to the innocent users of these goods. The manufacturer, supplier and seller of the good are responsible for the damages caused to the innocent users.